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  Ancient Arts ​​Acupuncture     
        & Herbal Medicine                                             

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8133 Mesa Dr., Austin, Texas 78759



Health Coaching

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Body
Do you know thatyou can get back into your own body and love yourself just as you are? Katie is here to help you.  Katie has spent years learning how to bring you back into your body in several different ways:

1)  I usually begin with Acupuncture or Acupressure.  Here you will come in and we will decide the best treatment for you.  Acupuncture and calm the body, reduce inflammation and reduce pain and just get your mind and body back into alignment with your soul.
2)  Yoga -- or maybe I should just say stretching.  Here we will get into our own body and mind and allow ourselfs to notice how the body wants to move and why.  We can't do anything about the past, we don't know what the future brings - so Katie teaches you to be in your body, in the here and now.

3) Nutritional guidance -- Katies most recent interest is in food.  How can we heal from the diet we eat.  How can we be the best we can be by what we put in our body.  There is no one way to eat that fits everyones need.  Learning how to add foods into your diet according to what is going on in your life is what I can't wait to help you with!
You are never too young or too old to get healthy.  Let Katie help you!

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