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Ancient Arts Acupuncture
​Health & Wellness Coach

Heading 3

​8133 Mesa Dr., #101
​Austin, Texas  78759

It's time to let ourselves unfold!
We are going to get together and let our wisdom unfold!  How do we do this?  We are going to create heat in our bodies and move the "stuff" out.  It is getting close to the time when we drop our new years resolutions, so we are going to come together let those thoughts in our mind and body go.  We are going to bring back our desire to make this the best year ever!
Here is the plan:  Sunday, January 27, 2019, 5:00pm
Begin group sharing -- Why we showed up 5:00-5:20
Move and unfolding whats holding us back 5:30-6:15
Restore through meditation 6:25-7:00
Cost:  $50.00

Yoga Classes

                    A wonderful small quaint studio!

Chair Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Every Tuesday with
    Nancy Norris
Every Monday & Wednesday with         Shanin' Baker


Every Tuesday @ 12:00
Every Thursday @ 2:00
Katie McBrearty-Shields